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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What denomination do you belong to?

    Redeeming Love is part of the Assembly of God (AG) fellowship. Click here for more information about the AG

  • What does RLC believe?

    We believe that God loves all human beings and desires to have a relationship with each one of us. Jesus Christ came to earth and died for our sins to restore that relationship. The Bible and the Holy Spirit serve as guideposts for believers in Jesus to walk closely with God. Click here for more in depth information about what we and the AG believe.

  • Infant dedication and water baptism?

    Infant dedication is a step that parents take in order to publicly state their intentions to raise their child to love and honor God. A dedication often involves family, friends and a church congregation agreeing to support the new parents and their children as they grow. Finally, it serves as a way for parents to acknowledge that their child is a blessing from God. (i.e. 1 Samuel 1:27-28)

    Baptism is a step taken by individuals who are aware of what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and have made the choice to follow Him. Being baptized is a public statement by a Christian confirming their faith in Jesus. Water is used as a symbol of being washed clean from our past lives as we enter a new walk of life and a relationship with God.  (i.e. Acts 10:47)

  • When do you serve Communion?

    We typically offer communion on the 1st Sunday of the month at all services unless noted in the bulletin.

  • What are your services like?

    We begin with a time of musical worship, greetings, announcements, offering, then a message, and a time of prayer ministry. You will see varied expressions of worship. God wants a relationship with us. As we seek Him, He reveals Himself to us and we respond. You may see standing during the music, raising of hands, dancing, or waving flags. People many pray aloud or silently. After the message, the pastor will invite all who need prayer to come to the platform where prayer team members are waiting to pray with anyone who comes.

  • What services do you provide for children on Sundays?

    We offer nursery to youth services during our Sunday services.

    Nursery: An area for families to use to take a crying baby or to change diapers. Open for all services.

    Nursing Mom’s Room: A private room for mom’s to feed their babies. Open for all services.

    Preschool through 5 year old Classes: Classes are broken out into ages. A lesson is taught at the child’s age level.

    Elementary Age Class: We offer 1st grade through 5th grade students a Kid’s Church experience with worship, videos, and lessons that will engage and encourage them to follow Jesus.

    Middle and High School Class: After the musical worship part of service these students will be dismissed to attend a class with a message tailored to them.


  • What measures do you take to protect children?

    All children’s and youth workers have been background checked and screened.

    All children preschool through 5th grade are checked into a system that prints out tags. The child tag and the  parent tag. The parent that drops off and picks up the child must have the matching tag.

    Each tag has a number on it. If your child needs you during the service their number will appear on screens to the sides of the stage alerting you to check on them.

    The Safety Team monitors the child classrooms and and ensures only the appropriate people are allowed in these areas.

  • Which Pastor is speaking this week?

    Mike Smith, our lead pastor and James Peck, our associate pastor preach most Sundays. If we have a special speaker it will be listed on our Events page.

  • Who can use the Redeeming Love building?

    Redeeming Love reserves the use of their building for their members, regular attenders, and ministry partners.

  • Can I have my wedding at Redeeming Love?

    Redeeming Love reserves the use of their building for their members, regular attenders, LICC members, and LICC regular attenders.

  • What is the name of the other church that meets in your building?

    Redeeming Love shares the building with Life In Christ Church (LICC), a member of the Hmong Assembly of God Fellowship.

  • Can I talk to a pastor?

    Redeeming Love pastors are available to meet with or talk to you. Please contact the church office at 651-777-5200 or email at

  • How do I find out if a service is cancelled?

    Service cancellations will be posted on, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Can I get food from you?

    Redeeming Love has several ways to help people struggling to put food on the table. These services are available to everyone. There are no restrictions.

    • Manna Market: Every Wednesday, 10am-Noon at door 1
    • Manna Market: 4th Monday of the month, 4-5pm at door 4
    • Fare For All: 2nd Monday of the month, 3:30-5:30pm at door 4
  • Can Redeeming Love help with gas, utility, or rent?

    If you are experiencing hardships we invite you to speak with a pastor. Please call 651-777-5200 or

  • What time does Healing Rooms start/end?

    Healing Rooms of St. Paul

    Monday Evenings

    Doors open: 5:30pm


    (only closed on holidays)

    Please go to for the most up to date calendar information.

  • Do you have Bible study materials I could borrow?

    Redeeming Love has a library inside the door 2 lobby.

    We also offer RightNow Media to all of our members, attenders, and visitors. It is access to the biggest video Bible study library in the world. To set up your free account click here or text RLC to 49775.

  • How do I find out what is going on at Redeeming Love?

    There are several ways to find out what is happening at Redeeming Love.

  • What are you doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

    Here is our Covid-19 Preparedness Plan.

  • Can I donate baby items like cribs, high chairs, infant baths, strollers, or baby seats?

    Redeeming Love does not accept baby furniture items.

  • Can I donate clothing?

    The Blessing Closet is Redeeming Love’s clothing ministry. We accept gently used seasonal clothing that does not have any stains or holes. These clothes help members in our community prepare for job interviews, keep warm in the winter, and provide clean clothes to the homeless. It is also a first stop for some foster families when they are receiving a new placement.

  • Can I volunteer at the Mn Adult and Teen Challenge Thanksgiving Dinner?

    Volunteers and food donations registrations are received in-person at Redeeming Love weekend services beginning the last weekend in October yearly.

  • How do I access your services?

    SERVICES will livestream on Sundays @ 9am & 10:30am. Sunday & Wednesday Services are also available on Youtube & Facebook.

  • What to expect at services during Covid?

    Doors will open 20 minutes prior to services. Families with children should enter through door 4. Pre-register here to pick-up labels in ‘Fast Lane’ or register when you arrive. Please arrive early so we can seat everyone before the service begins. Your group will be social distanced in a row.
    All those attending in person gatherings at Redeeming Love are required to wear a mask, social distance, and stay home if you are not feeling well. Please let us know if you are not feeling well so we can pray for you.

    • Submit your request here
  • How do I submit a prayer request, need, or testimony?

    Please let us know if you have a prayer request, a need, or a testimony. Please let us know if you would like a pastor to contact you. Only your first name is shared. Your prayer requests will be prayed for throughout the week by our staff, our prayer team, and at our prayer meetings.

    • Call the church office (651) 777-5200
    • Submit your request here
  • How do I access past sermons?

    Redeeming Love sermons are available on YouTube

  • Can I get an address or phone number of a member?

    Redeeming Love does not give out member information. We will take your information and give it to the person you are trying to get ahold of.

  • How do I get involved?

    Join a Team

  • Who is speaking at the conference?

    Please check out our events page and visit the conference promoters website.

  • How do I join a small group?

    Fill out this form and someone will contact you.

  • Do you have a regular Bible Study?

    Check out our Next Steps Grow for classes.

    We also offer RightNow Media to all of our members, attenders, and visitors. It is access to the biggest video Bible study library in the world. To set up your free account click here or text RLC to 49775.

  • What is Godtown?

    Godtown is a ministry in an area of St. Paul called Frogtown. The members of this ministry attend Redeeming Love and manage our coffee bar. All proceeds raised at our coffee bar go to Godtown. For more info or to get involved in Godtown go to

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