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If you are new to Redeeming Love Church or you want to find a place to volunteer, fill out this form and we will reach out to you soon! If you are interested in signing up for our weekly email, click the link below.

Events & Calendar FAQs

  • How Can I See Event Details?

    Click on any item inside the above calendar to view specific events/schedule details. It will offer a small pop-up with all known details. Please note that events are updated with additional details throughout the week during office hours.

  • Add The Calendar To Your Personal Calendar

    Did you know that you can subscribe to our calendar and get all calendar updates sent to your personal calendar, including your personal device or desktop computer? Subscribe Here

  • How Can I Add Events To The Calendar?

    Please reach out to our office at to request details regarding holding or adding events to the church calendar. Also, visit our Pastoral Care to learn more about weddings and funeral requests.

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