Whether you’re new to Redeeming Love Church, a new follower of Christ, or a regular attender looking to connect, you might be asking yourself, “So what’s next?” We want to encourage you to follow Christ and fulfill the divine plan and purpose for your life. If we submit to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we will continue to grow, serve and give.

So what does that look like for you?

The first step is to find an opportunity to GROW. We believe spiritual growth is linked to those around us and we have a number of great ways to connect and grow with others at RLC.

We encourage everyone at RLC to find a place to SERVE. Each of us has unique gifts and talents to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives and we offer many different ways to live that out both inside and outside the church walls.

We believe in the power of prayer and encourage everyone to PRAY. We gather throughout the week to seek God and intercede on behalf of others.

Lastly, we want to provide everyone a chance to GIVE of their time and resources to fulfill the Great Commission — in St. Paul, the surrounding areas, and all across the world.

Throughout this site, you’ll find many opportunities to GROW, SERVE, PRAY and GIVE, and we pray that God will help you discover what your next step will be!