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What to Expect

Our Missions Yard Sale is an annual yard sale that benefits missions and missionaries world wide. It’s that simple.

How Can You Help?

You can drop off your donations the week before our sale and throughout the time the yard sale is on. Notice will be given when donations are no longer needed. All proceeds will benefit our missions.  Any support would be greatly appreciated! We also need volunteers for security and merchandizing reach out to irene@redeeminglovechurch.com.


  • Housewares and pictures
  • Accessories, shoes, purses, suitcases and jewelry
  • Furniture (not broken or worn out)
  • Clean linens and craft items
  • Books, CD’s, DVD’s and records
  • Toys and Games (include all the pieces)
  • Small appliances (mark them if they work or not)
  • Antiques and collectible items
  • Decorations and party supplies
  • Yard and Automotive equipment
  • Tools
  • Sporting and Camping goods (must be either antique or current)
  • Pet Supplies (must be clean)
  • Office equipment and supplies
  • Paper and plastic bags
  • Hangers with attached clips, skirt/pants hangers
  • Store fixture displays to loan out for the duration of the sale


  • No tires
  • No computers, printers or scanner
  • No TV’s (unless they are new, functional or flat screens)
  • No infant car seats
  • No infant cribs with drop down sides
  • No weapons or firearms
  • No hazardous wastes (paint, chemicals)
  • No skis (unless antiques or new models)
  • No land line phones (unless antiques)
  • No mattresses
  • No box springs
  • No clothes



Irene Runge