LIFE groups connect people, build relationships and model what it is like to live as a believer.

What to Expect

lifegroup-logoLIFE = L (Learning Together) I (Involve Everyone) F (Finding Others) E (Emerge for Ministry)

We all desire to be connected with others, to have friends and do life with others. LIFE groups are where you can meet others, learn to live God’s Word and have fun. The groups meet are various days throughout the week, in homes and usually in the evenings. There are groups for men, women, mixed ages and mixed genders. Some of the groups meet mainly for prayer, some for study, some for fellowship and service. There is a group that is ready to welcome you.

Contact Pastor Irene at 651-777-5200, ext 103 or



Irene Runge

651-777-5200 ext. 14